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Ranalli Cabin

This home needed new railing, new siding as well as a home restoration to refresh the logs.  We kicked off the project by removing the old siding and installed new siding. Next was the rails, we replaced the 4 support posts under the deck and the 4 hand railing posts to 4-13ft posts from top to bottom. We also removed and replaced all of the sections of rails to ensure they all match. Once that was completed we began with the home restoration. This transition took the home from a dark reddish color to Hazelnut for the Logs, Chestnut from the trims and Buff for the chinking. 

Before 1
Before 7
Before 8
During 1
During 2
During 4
Durring 3
After 1
After 2
After 3
After 4
After 5
After 6
After 7
After 8
After 9